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Crafting impactful software, together


Welcome to Decode; a boutique South African software development company driven by the vision to craft impactful technology that enhances a business - no matter the industry.

At Decode, we hold the firm belief that technology should be used to improve and simplify business operations, so that more time can be spent scaling the business instead of maintaining it.

Our mission is to provide managed software developer teams who take ownership and responsibility of the software products that they build and guide clients on both the technical and business direction of those products.

Building technology can seem daunting and complex, but together we can decode the solution.

Our Approach

We are in it for the long haul:

We look to establish long-term business relationships with our clients by providing design, development, operations and improvement services.

We keep things simple, without compromising on quality:

We aim to optimise the total cost of ownership by keeping things simple, building quality up front and not over-engineering, which keeps maintenance and extension costs down.

We focus on what we do best, then partner with other specialists for the rest:

We are highly skilled in writing quality code; we then partner with other businesses to offer the full suite of software product development services - including UI/UX design and cloud infrastructure.

Our preferred development approach and technology stack

  1. What we do best is write quality code. We partner with other organisations to offer a full suite of software product development services, including UI/UX Design and Cloud.
  2. Domain-driven design, peer code review, automated code quality and testing and automated deployments.
  3. Preferred tech stack: TypeScript with React or React Native. TypeScript with Node.js or JVM(Java/Kotlin). PostgreSQL. Docker. AWS.

Meet the team

Brett Ausmeier - Co-Founder and Technical Director
Barry Dwyer - Lead Software Developer
Inge Heide - Personal Assistant
Jenna Meiring - Software Developer
Siyasanga Mtshokotsha - Software Developer
Trevor Gowing - Co-Founder and Managing Director

Our Services

Analysis, ideation & design

Let’s work together to analyse your technological needs to create a software solution that will optimise your business processes.

Architect & build

We architect, build and develop customised software solutions that will revolutionise your business strategy and processes.


The fear of weaknesses, glitches, or snags should not keep you up at night. We will work intimately together after the building process to ensure that defects are pinpointed and stabilised quickly and efficiently. We are all about delivering peace of mind.


The world of technology is constantly evolving, and we are here to ensure that you are too. You can rest assured, knowing that we will be constantly working on your software to increase efficiency and streamline the functioning of your business.


We are focused on building long-term relationships, which means that we are not in the "fire and forget" mindset. We are here to help you maintain, operate and elevate your software on a day-to-day basis.


Decode is a passionate team of technology professionals dedicated to crafting impactful software using open source web technologies. If you are fascinated by the power of the web and looking for an opportunity to join a diligent and dynamic team, then Decode is the place for you. Check in with us today to see if we are hiring!

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